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This form may be used to request a single School Programs presentation on a single day, multiple presentations in a single day, or multiple presentations across multiple days. Whether you’re requesting a single presentation or multiples, please provide a full schedule for each date requested including class times, numbers of students, and grade level(s). As you thinking about your schedule, keep in mind that Stanley School Programs (SSP) presentations typically last forty-five minutes to one hour. If you would like to provide alternative dates in case the SSP has a conflict with your first choice, you may also indicate your second and third choices.

It typically takes 1–2 weeks to schedule a visit and because of the number of visit requests the SSP receives, some requests cannot be accommodated. Scheduling early is encouraged. After submitting your request, you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone. 

Submission of this form does not mean your visit will take place as requested.

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