Original, contemporary pottery, carvings, sculpture, and drawings by artists with American and First Peoples ancestry comprise the American Indian and First Peoples Art Collection. The works are from the eastern, Midwestern, and southwestern United States, as well as the Northwest Coast of Canada. While the works in the collection reflect traditional motifs and techniques, they also display modern technologies and idiosyncratic designs, which demonstrate how American Indian and First Peoples art is not static, but influenced by changing cultural conditions. While the American Indian and First Peoples Art Collection includes many types of artwork, the three main groups are southwestern Pueblo pottery, Pueblo power figures, and Northwest Coast wood carvings. 

The American Indian and First Peoples objects will be unavailable July 2016 through February 2017. PowerPoint presentations of the objects are available during this time. 
Objects will be on display in the UIMA@IMU Gallery 8/9/16-1/15/17 and the Black Box Theater 10/8/16-12/11/16.