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This Week in 1937 was represented by Elmer Young's North Star in the American Block Print Calendar. A Minnesota native, Young produced many prints depicting Midwestern farm life and deep night skies sprinkled with stars. The North Star in particular makes good sense as a subject for a life-long resident of the North Star State. 

Also known as Polaris, the North Star has long featured in myths and scientific observations across the Northern Hemisphere. Aligned with the Earth’s axis, Polaris (along with its friends in the Big Dipper) never sets. Instead, this constellation appears to wheel around the sky, changing positions over the course of the year but never disappearing below the horizon. From the Norse to the Mongols, cultures across the Northern Hemisphere charted their journeys by the North Star. 

North Star from American Block Print Calendar for 1937

Elmer Young (American, 1890 – 1957)

North Star from American Block Print Calendar for 1937

, 1936
Linocut, 8 ½ x 7 in. (22 x 18 cm)
Gift of James A. Leach and Elisabeth F. Leach, 2015.330a