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Happy Birthday, Pennsylvania! On this day in 1787, Pennsylvania was granted statehood. 

Take a look at this colorful poster designed by Bart Phillips Sloane to encourage tourism to the state! The folksy tulips, grain stalks, and geometric shapes allude to Pennsylvania’s Dutch heritage. Though both the Dutch and the English claimed both sides of the Delaware River, and the Dutch were the first to take possession, the English ultimately triumphed.

One of the thirteen original colonies, Pennsylvania also housed the nation’s capital in its largest city (Philadelphia) from 1790 until 1800, when a permanent seat of federal government was established in Washington, D.C.. Did you know that one of the most famous Philadelphians, Benjamin Franklin, was not actually born in the city? A Boston native, Franklin is so strongly associated with the city of Philadelphia because many of his significant accomplishments as a statesman, scientist, inventor, and writer occurred there.


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Untitled (Pennsylvania tourism poster)

Bart Phillips Sloane

Untitled (Pennsylvania tourism poster)

, n.d.
Poster, 29 x 21 in. (73.66 x 53.34 cm)
Gift of Owen and Leone Elliott, 1968.323